Collaborative Technology Group helps nonprofit organizations use technology to create an exciting presence on the Web. Here are some of the ways the organizations we work with are using the Internet to further their communication and program goals:

Collecting information essential to their programs.

Thinking strategically about how to use Web communication tools to build a stronger, more effective organization.

Using the Internet to offer critical content in a database format.

Mobilizing activists to write and otherwise communicate to legislators about their agenda.

Supporting their organization through the marketing of high-quality, branded merchandise.

Generating committed participation in their signature events using Web-based tools.

Raising important dollars for their cause through creative development programs.

Making their resources available for networking with other affinity organizations, thus strengthening all of their efforts.

We get there with you by devoting the time that is needed to interpret your organization's mission and goals and translating that into a technology-based application. The results of our joint analysis is a picture of your organization's structure, showing its program emphasis as a management tool.

Our Web site design brings this all into focus and targets the important areas of your mission. Together we can move your agenda forward with an exciting, productive, and contemporary set of online tools!

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